Utopian Hands Covid-19 Update

Online scheduling is temporarily closed

If you are having acute pain from a car accident, a workplace injury, migraines, or other acute urgent body issues, please call my office as online scheduling is temporarily closed due to coronavirus.

I am using N-95 mask during massages. There is a sanitary protocol I am following, for details on that protocol please email and I am happy to provide you with the full protocol.

No other massages will be performed during the month of April and until at least May 5th. Once the Washington State Department of Health opens LMTs the ability to take all patients online scheduling will resume.

Below is information from The Washington State Department of Health: COVID-19 Health Alert for Massage Therapists:

Governor Inslee’s proclamation 20-25 allows health care providers to continue essential health services. Many services provided by massage therapists are considered non-essential. No in-person appointment is risk-free, even if the patient and massage therapist appear well. To help control the spread of COVID19, treatment should be limited to patients with a clear and documented urgent medical need.

While the proclamation allows massage therapists to continue providing services, they are not required to do so. Therapists should weigh their own health risk and comfort when deciding whether to continue in-person services.

Actions requested:

  • Only provide massage to patients with urgent medical issues. Examples include, but are not limited to, lymphatic drainage issues, moderate to severe whiplash, and acute pain control. Simply having a prescription for massage is not sufficient to establish urgent care.
  • Cancel non-urgent massage appointments.
  • When treatment is medically necessary, screen the patient for symptoms of respiratory illness (e.g., fever, cough, difficulty breathing) before they enter your practice. If a patient has respiratory symptoms, do not provide treatment. Instead, refer the patient to their primary care provider.
  • When appropriate, consider instructing patients to implement self-care measures such as rest, hydration, light stretching, light or moderate activity, and self-massage to treat aches and pains  until the restrictions on non-essential services are lifted.
  • Make sure patients practice social distancing of six feet in waiting rooms and other areas of the practice.
  • Closely follow CDC guidelines for hand hygiene and clean equipment and facilities between patients.
  • Remind sick employees to stay home. Do not require them to work. Allow all employees who are uncomfortable with continuing to work in the clinic to stay home.
  • Consider wearing a face mask or cloth face covering when providing massage and when within six feet of another person. Provide face covers and request use by clients when close proximity is necessary.

Download the full document here.