Changes to scheduling for all Utopian Hands clients and new electronic records keeping system

There are new regulations for massage therapists in Washington state and this new system is built to follow those regulations. Sorry for the initial inconvenience to all my current clients as we switch over to this new system. For all clients setting up an initial electronic records account, please use the button below.

Create an electronic records account

The below button is for clients who already have an electronic records account and need to complete either pre-session notes or post-session notes. Once you have logged in select “My sessions”.

Select “New session” if you need to enter information before you come in to an appointment. Select a “session date” in the upper left hand corner. Fill in the Pre-session measurement scales.

Select “create” at the bottom of the page.

If you need to fill out Post-session measurement scales after you have received your massage, select the “session date” you need to fill out the post-session notes completed. Scroll towards the bottom to fill in your post-session measurement scales. Select “update” at the bottom and you are finished.

Fill Out Pre and Post Appointment Session Notes

New patients scheduling for the first time planning to use insurance, all the health information needs to be either collected in the online health form or in the office with the paper version. Relaxation and wellness patients can skip all the insurance information questions on the form, but should answer the other questions. Existing patients only need to answer the questions with the asterisk. Be sure to select the create account option once you are finished scheduling your appointment so you can skip this step in future scheduling. New patients we will go over your intake information together at your first appointment.

Schedule a Session