Spa Services


Seaweed Wrap $90

Spirulina, Kelp, and Perrier help to mineralize and soften the body in this luxurious treatment.

Clay Wrap $90

French white and green clay, and Perrier help to purify, cleanse and soften the skin in this fun wrap.

Honey Scrub $90

Honey, essential oils, and an ingredient to exfoliate and help to soften the skin without the sting of a normal salt scrub.

La Pied Contente $90

A wonderful hour long treatment for sore under appreciated feet. There is a foot soak, scrub, clay wrap (on the feet only), and massage. It is a great way to show your feet you appreciate them.

La Tete Contente $50

A fabulous 30 minute scalp treatment to hydrate the crown of the head and hair with delicious oils and essential oils to give you a great head start to your day or week.

Bain De Pied $25

A 15 minute add on to any of our treatments.  It is a foot soak with essential oils, and a sugar scrub to smooth out your feet.