I started seeing Tierza Clerc for neck pain that I suffered from on and off for years. In just a couple of sessions, Tierza was able to make a big improvement on my neck, and now it is basically pain-free. That worked so well, Tierza is now helping me with my right leg, which gets sore and twitchy on long drives. She is remarkably skilled and very attentive. I have been impressed by the number of times I hear her go “Hmmm….” just as I am noticing a soreness in the area she is working on.  -Glenn Brooks


I was referred to Tierza by my doctor when I was experiencing neck and shoulder pain. He said that I might have a touch of arthritis so it wasn’t a slam dunk it would work. After a few sessions my neck and shoulder felt so much better that I decided to make regular appointments.

My body responded so well I could start doing P90x again (I am 45 now) and I have lost 37 lbs. I recommend Tierza for her skill in keeping bodies healthy, but I also recommend her because she is so easy to trust and like.
-Will Collins